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Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat

900 Capitol Expwy Auto Mall
Directions San Jose, CA 95136

  • Service: (888) 717-3462
  • Sales: (877) 330-0391
  • Parts: (888) 741-6931

Customer Testimonials

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Outstanding Service"

I wanted to give a huge "shout out" to you and your staff. Last month, I brought my vehicle in for the yearly maintenance. When I got home, it began to leak oil. I kept an eye on the oil drip to see if it would cease, but it did not. So I am very grateful to you for sending Bob out to the home to repair the oil leak. As I mentioned in my initial email, I work 7 days a week, and it was impossible for me to leave my car again. Thank you so much for this outstanding service! It is good to know the Normandin crew continues to carry on the tradition of caring for its customers.
Judy H
After looking at used cars at other dealerships, I was ready to give up. I felt defeated and like no one was listening to me. Even the vehicles I had test driven were not of a high quality. Still, I continued to Normandin and I am so happy I did. Immediately, I was greeted with a genuinely friendly smile from a salesperson who was already busy, but directed me to the receptionist who was also happy, and then we met Jim who was just as genuine. He listened to what vehicles I wanted to see, found that one was in the shop but happily offered to take my information to let me know as soon as it was ready. Both of the vehicles I test drove that day looked and felt like new cars. Jim's obvious dedication to Jeeps gave us a wealth of information about the vehicles, which was a wonderful learning experience and helped me appreciate the vehicles more. Still, knowing it was a big purchase I asked to think about it and to let me know when the third vehicle was ready for a test drive. Jim was very nice, not pushy about me leaving and promised to call. I was so impressed with the service and respect I came back and ultimately purchased one of the two vehicles. Even the haggling process was fairly pleasant and I felt I was getting a good deal by the end of the transaction. And I love my new-to-me car!

"Great Experience"

Had a great experience with Kenny Huynh at Normandin. Bought a 2009 Jeep Liberty, the process was painless and did this during my lunch break. That never happens that fast!!  I will definitely go back!
John M.

"The Best"

This was the best car buying experience. I communicated with Lee through the internet an let him know exactly what I wanted. When we pulled up the vehicle was all ready there waiting for us to test drive. He went over the entire vehicle for us and answered all our questions.  We told them what we anted to put down and what we could afford to pay. Everything went smoothyly with the financing, we did not have to wheel and deal lol. Will be aback when ready to purchase in the future. FYI I drove 50 miles out of the way for the same vehicle that was at the San Leandro location because of the service, was on their lot for almost an hour and no one spoke to us or tried to help. The customer serbice at Normadin is excellent!
Mykia F.

"Comfort and Trust"

I'd like to start off by saying that I have never purchased a new car until I came across this dealership. I had gone to 2 other Dodge dealerships, and luckily this one was the best out of all 3.

Oliver helped us out as soon as we got there. Their team wasn't pushy or rude. They were very helpful and didn't take too long trying to play the "game". Ben, the finance guy was cool and very nice to do business with. 

Buying a brand new car requires feeling some kind of comfort and trust in the people you are purchasing it from. I felt that when I was at Normandin.
Steve M.

"Quick Service"

We bought our Jeep Commander, including a maintenance contract here a couple of years ago and so far we have had only excellent customer service. Jason our maintenance guy is very reliable always returns phone calls the same day. 2 months ago our other Jeep had problems with the windows. They did not close and were half way stuck. They took us in right away and fixed the problem. Then 2 weeks later the same problem appeared with one back door window and again the problem was fixed the same day. We have been very loyal Jeep clients and would not think of changing to a different brand or maintenance shop!
Edwin D.

"Great Service!"

Great service! 

Jason Horwood has been my service adviser since I bought my Grand Cherokee (from another dealership) in 2005. He's extremely courteous and helpful. When I needed to have the struts for my lift gate and lift glass replaced (two separate instances), he offered to have them installed while they were doing routine maintenance. 

He remembers you and does whatever he can to make sure your vehicle is serviced promptly and professionally. 

I'll be going to Normandin for service as long as I own my Jeep.
Eric O.

"A Positive Car Buying Experience"

REVIEW 2 - SERVICE - took the Jeep Grand Cherokee in for some basic work and the folks were fast, efficient, and very helpful.

REVIEW 1 - I entered the situation with the knowledge that I had a price set and should I be unable to achieve said price, I would not hesitate to walk away from the deal with a broad grin on my face that would tell the world I am no sucker! Of course, some of that is nothing more than male posturing, because as we all know, buying a car is nothing more than a pissing match between buyer and seller.

In the end, it took two hours of negotiating, and the price of the vehicle dropped $6000 from the original ask.  I liked the folks I dealt with, and I am fairly happy with the Jeep. Yes, it has quirks, but those will be addressed when I return for service.

Car buying is a challenge, but there are ways in which one can turn the experience into something more than the equivalent of having a colonoscopy.

1. Know the price you're willing to pay.
2. No warm, fuzzy feelings for the situation? Use your legs and walk out!
3. Don't get steamrolled - speak up.
4. Prepare - know what you want and insist on it.

If all else fails, use a credit union auto buying service. The process seems to take all of the sting out car buying. No haggling, and they find you the exact car you want.

Good luck!
Craig R.

"Easy to Work With"

I agree that buying a car, new or used, can be a real pain. I have no idea how it all works. Sometimes I think the auto dealers make it hard on everyone with the "beat me down on the price" approach to sales.
With all the cars they sale I am not surprised that other people have had problems. But these problems should not happen!

We have bought 4 Jeeps there and were treated with respect and were able to get through the process without any hassles.

Service has been excellent. Parts will give you a AAA discount. 

Overall this is a family owned business and I have found all the folks there easy to work with and approachable.
Larry G.

"They Are Excellent"

I am posting to tell about a recent experience with the Service Department, but have also had great experiences with the dealership in all the other departments.

1) Last week, my Jeep Grand Cherokee had a rear blinker light and brake light malfunctioning, discovered during a car inspection at the DMV for my son's behind the wheel driving test.  At this point, the test was over and I would have have the car repaired and reschedule an appointment. If you have been to the DMV lately, appointments have about a month lead time.

So, I called  Normandin Service Department and explained my situation and asked if I could bring the car in as a drop in, RIGHT NOW. The rep had great customer service, "Bummer," he said and agreed to see the car. I had a small time window to get back to the DMV to resume the test.

At the Normandin Service Department, the service was EXCELLENT. All of the bays were in use with other car repairs and the Service Department Manager expedited my repair by working on it with another Service Manager to personally solve my problem. Great attitude and great service. We had the car fixed and were able to get back to the DMV to continue the driving test. Whew!

Now for other experiences... 
2) Sales: Purchased my Jeep Wranger Sahara with all of the extras that I wanted and at the price that I wanted. The sales rep and finance rep were both respectful and acknowledged that I knew what I wanted and did not try to sell me a different model, and there were no issues about me being female.

3) Body Shop: My Sahara was rear-ended and Normandin handled the body work that involved a replacement of the back bumper, light. Again, it has handled very professionally. The work was excellent and the staff handled everything.

4) Service: Maintenance. I've had maintenance work done and it has always been a good job. As far as prices, maintenance is expensive, but their prices aren't out of range than what I've found at other service centers. 

I currently own a Wrangler and a Grand Cherokee and this is the best Jeep dealership and service center that I have used.  

I would say that they are excellent.
Laura K.

Parts Department

Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat

900 Capitol Expwy Auto Mall
Directions San Jose, CA 95136

  • Sales: (877) 330-0391
  • Service: (888) 717-3462
  • Parts: (888) 741-6931


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